5 Risks Every Entrepreneur Must Take

Are you a risk-taker? What kind of solutions did you take to mitigate risks in your business? Here are a few risks that every entrepreneur would have taken in their journey. Share with us your risks and what did you do to solve it.


Let’s say that achieving your goal is what’s called success. My question for you today is are you interested or committed to your success?

Four Great Things Hidden Behind Failures

It is said that failure is a great teacher. But if that’s true, why are so many of us unable to obtain the knowledge this “great teacher” has to impart? Why do we keep failing?

Tips For Becoming A Better Timekeeper

Efficiency + Effectiveness = Productivity This formula is something that people unknowingly disregard these days. Do you sometimes feel that you always run out of time? Are you overloaded with responsibilities so much so that it seems like the hours in a day are not enough? In one way or another, all of us have felt these things.

Six Ways To Stay Motivated When Your Sales Willpower Is Dwindling

Customer rejection and hearing ‘no’ can make sales a challenging and testing profession. While it is normal to feel down at times, keep in mind that you have to hear many no’s before you will hear that all important yes. Here are some small-yet-powerful ways to stay motivated. “You can achieve virtually anything you want – if you’re willing to hear ‘no’ often enough,” says Andrea Waltz, co-author of Go for No!

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