• The role of a Legal & Risk Manager is to communicate risk policies and processes, all whilst ensuring that our organisation follows all relevant legal and internal rules.The ideal candidate must have excellent quantitative and analytical skills, along with the ability to apply those skills across a variety of business processes. They will serve as a direct report to the Head of Group Legal & Compliance of SalesWorks.


  • Assists in developing and implementing effective end-to-end business audits.
  • Conducts risk assessments, collates and analyzes documentation, statistics, reports, and market trends.
  • Establishes policies and procedures to identify and address risks within the organization’s services and departments.
  • Reviews and assesses risk management policies and protocols; makes recommendations and implements modifications and improvements.
  • Able to recommend and implement risk management solutions such as insurance safety and security policies, business continuity plans, or recovery measures.
  • Reviews and analyzes metrics and data such as cash flow, inventory, breakage, and employee activity that could uncover fraudulent behaviour.
  • Drafts and presents risk reports and proposals to executive leadership and senior staff.
  • Drafts a wide variety of legal agreements.
  • Provides advice on corporate legal issues and business matters.
  • Provides internal advisory services to the business units and departments within the Company.
  • Provides commercial legal support to all departmental projects and job functions.
  • Ensures the development of service level agreements for service support and delivery.
  • Monitors the maintenance of the registers and other records required to be maintained by the Company.
  • Provides administrative and secretarial duties as directed by the Head of Group Legal & Compliance.
  • Assists in developing guidelines, policies, procedures.
  • Analyzes and reviews legal agreements, legislation and documents for the Company.
  • Ensures (internal & external) compliance with laid down guidelines, policies and procedures; investigate issues of non-compliance as may be required.
  • Reviews and advises management on legal implications of internal policies and procedures.
  • Reviews and drafts contracts, agreements and internal policies, and ensures that they are in compliance with all statutory or legal requirements.
  • Other duties as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Law
  • A minimum of 5 years working experience with at least 2 years in audit or risk management
  • Experience within an in-house corporate environment or audit firm is favoured
  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft office applications especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of Corporate Law
  • Commitment and enthusiasm in the delivery of the organization’s objectives
  • Ability to exercise sound judgement and discretion
  • Good understanding of general and specific Company and Commercial Law
  • Excellent team player who supports operations in the Legal Unit as a whole
  • Good research skills


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