Guide To Personal Branding

Success story of Tob Itthipat, the founder of Tao Kae Noi

What Is The Best Business In Thailand?

Always dreamed of being your own boss. Well, now is a good a time as any. The fast-growing economy of Thailand presents a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. That said, it is important to know the growth of your planned venture based on trends and your available capital. You can generate business ideas on your own or you can check our list in this blog article.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Servant Leader?

A leader is best when people barely knew he exists, when his work is done, his aim is fulfilled, they will say; we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

How do you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Are you getting tired with being stuck in the same place, especially for a long time? You wonder if this is a dead end, or is there another way out of this? But somehow, you can’t help but feel too scared or lazy to do anything about it? Then you need this handy guide in how to get out of your comfort zone.

How do you demonstrate leadership skills?

Becoming a good leader doesn’t happen instantly because of a job title. In fact, it’s vital to learn how to lead and demonstrate leadership and communication skills whether you are already a manager or aspiring to become one. Here are four (4) ways to show your leadership potential!

How To Motivate Yourself?

Motivation is something we’re supposed to carry within us, but it doesn’t always appear on its own. Sometimes we need a little help to find the motivation we need to run our businesses, to lead our companies, to support our teams and to help our customers. Here are a couple of ways to increase your motivation!

Successful Entrepreneurs in Thailand

In Thailand, entrepreneurship is viewed highly upon as being crucial to encouraging the economic growth and a key to innovation. Not only that, it provides career opportunities that are important for people to improve their

The Science Behind Why You Don’t Feel Motivated

Ever get that fed-up feeling at work? Well, you’re not alone! The hardest part is getting started, and science shows that there are easy ways to get back on track and how to motivate employees and…

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Leader?

Meet Preeda. Preeda is 32 years old and was recently promoted to a management position at an advertising agency where she works. She now has a team of six people reporting directly to her. This is all new to Preeda. And she has one big question on her mind; What makes for a good leader? What are the qualities of a good leader? Is there some sort of recipe she can follow?

Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs in Thailand

In this era, women are taking their rightful place in the business world, and they are quick to claim their rightful spot. According to a recent survey by Grant Thornton International, women scored well in many aspects of corporate leadership and business, where more than 33% of top senior roles in…

What Soft Skills Are Needed by An Entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, what do you need when you want to start your own business? Well, a lot of people would point to an idea and enough money. But, just the combination of those two may…

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