Bizarre And Awkward Interviews Around The World

People can have the funniest or even the most strangest answers, especially in an interview. When an interview happens, it is true that everyone is in a high-pressure situation – both the candidate and interviewer are under strain to appear professionally but friendly, and cool but not arrogant.

But at the end of the day, we are all human and chances are it doesn’t always work out that way. We’ve put together three (3) of the most bizarre, awkward, and even cringe-worthy interviews that people have said or behaved in interviews.

Tom Cruise Jumps The Couch
In 2005, actor Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote the upcoming movie called War of the Worlds. But instead, Cruise went wild, exclaiming that he has never felt this way and let the world know that he loves Katie Holmes, a fellow actress whom he was in a relationship with at the time.



Ever since the incident, many websites, films, celebrities and talk shows began to use it as a joke or as a term to say that Cruise is indeed insane. While it was fun and laughable memory to ponder on, there is always a time and place for that matter, but it could end up straying off from the original intent.

What can we learn from this interview? Can you be too enthusiastic when you happen to attend a job interview? You can! Show that you are a promising candidate to the interviewer, prove that you are well qualified for the job. But always keep in mind that there is a difference between honest enthusiasm and overkill. Don’t be that guy!

One of the signs that show over enthusiasm is speaking too quickly or in a high voice, fidgeting, or bragging too much. It shows lack of focus. Instead, know what you want and pursue it with just the right amount of enthusiasm.

Jaymes Diaz Forgets The 6-Point Plan
More often than not, we are used to seeing politicians avoid questions about actual policy plans as long as they can. But Australian Liberal Parliament candidate Jaymes Diaz took it to another level.


Diaz was asked in an interview with Network 10 to detail his party’s 6-Point Plan to curb the influx of asylum seekers to the country. Only…he could NOT remember any of them! Diaz proceeded to provide broad answers instead of his specific points and was asked to outline the plans several more times before the interview reached its merciful end. The blunder eventually went viral and Diaz conceded defeat in the parliamentary election.

What can we learn from this mistake? Well, before going in any interview, it is important to always know what you need to be talking about, especially when it comes to researching the company that may potentially hire you. Too often, recruiters and interviewers are frustrated at the fact that candidates come in without having done their homework. The important takeaway here is to research the company as much as possible. When you walk into an interview with an understanding and knowledge of what the company does and how you could fit a specific need, you become relevant. You could even stand out!


Kanye West’s Angrily Gets Defensive
Alright, we’re saving you the best for last! Okay, just to give a little bit of background, this interview took place between musician Kanye West and journalist Sway Calloway on his radio show. During the interview, Kanye expressed his frustration with the corporate structure of the fashion world, venting about the lack of support and creative freedom from the big fashion houses he has reached out to or collaborated with. When Sway asked Kanye why he doesn’t just fund himself, things took a hard turn.


When we relate back to this heated but hilarious situation, we know for a fact that any kind of interview be it for a biography or for a job, there is a time to show-off and but remember the interviewer is also assessing your personality and whether they want to even work with you. So, be humble, calm down and keep that smile plastered on your face.

Don’t be defensive or negative about anything you’re asked about, even if it’s something from your past that gets you riled up or that you feel needs defending. Instead, practice turning negatives into positives in your interview and demonstrate that you are a person who thinks and acts positively, even in the face of conflict and difficult topics.

At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes and when we’re put under pressure, it’s easy to let something silly slip out of our mouths. Remember to always aim to impress. Be authentic in your responses and make a great connection. This role might not be right for you today, but a good impression may get you there in the end.

Awkward points in an interview do not need to be the end of the opportunity. It is a chance to remain calm, put your best foot forward and show a potential employer that you can handle any situation!