Should You Provide Limited or Unlimited Coaching to Your Team?

Should You Provide Limited Or Unlimited Coaching To Your Team?

This is the classic question that every leader in any organisation contemplates.

My answer to this question is to differentiate between what I describe as limited and unlimited coaching.


I find that anything unlimited or unrestricted in terms of number or quantity in life is not perceived as valuable.

I have been to restaurants where they offer bottomless (unlimited) food and drink and, if you pay attention next time to those plates and glasses at such venues, you will always see shameful leftovers where people become greedy and take more than they need. Often, if it is bottomless, it is not so valuable compared to just paying for food and drink à la carte.

Similarly, in the business world, if your training is provided on an unlimited basis it is not perceived as valuable because it’s always there: I can access training from you today, tomorrow, next week – whenever I like.


Why are limited-edition shoes or watches more valuable and expensive than others?

The answer is within the question. Because they are limited. If your training is limited then you will find your team pays extra attention to what you have to say and do. This is partly because they are aware they might not receive the same training again, so they will perceive it as valuable.

Bottom line

If a leader in any organisation considers time as their number-one most valuable asset then they need to make training limited, where there is a predefined start and finish. In my experience, this will assist productivity, efficiency and increase motivation for both the leader and their team.

Vishnu Annapareddy, Centurion Organisation, is a partner to SALESWORKS GROUP ASIA conducting face-to-face sales and fundraising for SALESWORKS’s clients in both Malaysia and Philippines.

Should you provide limited or unlimited coaching to your team?

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