6 Different WAys on How to Motivate Yourself at Work


Do What You Love

This might sound obvious but if you look at famous entrepreneurs, the consistent messages that we hear over and over again is that they love what they do if they weren’t getting paid to do it. But there people who unfortunately do not love what they do. They are doing it because they see their friends making a lot of money from it, or there was a magazine that says it was an enticing opportunity or a hot trending business to start. If starting a business to seek the money is your only goal, you will end up having lost motivation at work in the pursuit of it. You may quit as soon as it gets hard.

You need to be doing the work that you love, a job that makes you come alive and you’re not just chasing some target of being a millionaire. Sure, money can be a motivation but you need to love the process of getting there. So, start listing down ideas today, speak to your friends or career counsellors, identify how you can leverage on social media to ‘sell’ what you love and start saving that ‘moolah’ so you can make your dreams come true.



The Impact That You Have

Reminding yourself the impact that you are making or will make will give the work motivation you need. The best way to do this is to start charting your timelines and at every milestone – celebrate your achievements. Any impact, even a simple one like upgrading your family’s financial support is one that you should celebrate. Keep the chart of your timelines where you can see them every day. Keep copies in your bag, notebook and even on your laptop – reminders of the impacts and milestones will motivate you to keep going.



Switch Up Your Environment

The same ol’ boring scenes and routine, can dissuade your motivation. So, switch it up! Change your seating or work from a café or decorate your workspace with themes. Adopt your pace based on your environment – for an example – an office would probably mean monotonous work but if you are at an old cozy café, drinking tea and trying to get work done – then maybe tuck in your legs yoga style, order your favourite pie and be more relaxed while you cross of the work list. A different environment for work once in a while is known to stimulate creativity, reduce work tension and provides self-motivation to do ‘what you came to do’.



Make A List & Reward

Another way to increase motivation in the workplace is to start the day with a list of what you need to do. Then section of the list and categorise them with a reward. Reward here can mean anything – a chocolate break, a gossip session with your colleague, toilet break, an Instagram check or even a quick read of the news around the world. Whatever the rewards are, train yourself to finish off the section of your list to gain the prize. Never shortchange the list because once you do it, it will become a habit and your lists and rewards system will fail to motivate you to achieve your tasks at work.



Set Personal Growth Goals

Make sure you draw your growth plan even if it feels too soon or too large of a goal. You never drive somewhere without a destination in sight. Same goes for work, derive a destination – promotion in two years, to lead a team in three years, to get higher points for next year’s performance review etc. Setting these goals never mean taking extra workload to show your prowess – it really means complete your work, concentrate on your quality and take on one project that is above your paygrade to show your ability. Start with a small goal and grow them as you grow in your career and at work.



Take A Break

You are grinding, you are hustling, and you point everything you got into it and sometimes putting more work on the same path is not the answer. And sometimes to discover that, you need to step away and step out. Have you ever noticed that you get many great ideas when you go on vacation or when you’re on the treadmill or playing a sport or in the shower? That is because you’re taking a break from the work. You gave your mind and body a well deserved break and they repay you back with a great idea.

If you’re just trying to plough through, it often just yields more frustrations and less results. So, if you are feeling lack of motivation, lack of progress, then it is best to take a break! Focus your energy on something else, accomplish something else, check off something that’s been on your personal list for a while and doing that gives you strength, motivation and momentum that you can fuel back into your business as well!